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debbie sahara


In the heart of Morocco, amidst the challenging terrains of the Sahara desert, our inspirational  colleague, Debbie King, is in the final leg of her gruelling charity trek.

The journey has been nothing short of challenging, pushing her limits and resilience to the fullest but in true Building Careers sytle, she's delivering exactly what she said she would do.

Currently navigating the sandy dunes and breathtaking landscapes, Debbie's dedication to supporting Nugent, a cause close to our hearts, has been awe-inspiring.

Her footsteps are not only heard in the sands of the Sahara but have place in the hearts of everyone cheering her on back home across Merseyside and West Lancashire.

From Skelmersdale to Morocco, the support from our network of incredible companies has been incredible. Their generosity has fuelled Debbie's determination to make every step count towards her fundraising goal.

As Debbie takes on this extraordinary challenge, let's continue to rally behind her. Your support means the world and has turned this trek into a profound journey of impact and inspiration.

Tamsin Marlowe, Building Careers MD, said: "Debbie, your resilience is turning sands into milestones, and we're immensely proud to have you represent our team. You're on the brink of achieving something truly remarkable, as well as approaching £5,000 in donations. Any further support our clients or candidates can give would be amazing."  #DebbieConquersSahara #CharityTrekUpdate #NugentSupport

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