May 15, 2024

How do we make an impact with Nobody Left behind?

We know many construction and social housing companies are watching our progress, but our impact extends far beyond filling roles. Did you know we're also champions of social value, driving REAL change in communities across the nation?

Tune in to our latest podcast episode where Barbara Travis, from "Nobody Left Behind," shares her inspiring journey of working with individuals furthest from the job market, including ex-offenders and care leavers.

Barbara said: "Our collaboration with Jo (at Building Careers) is about more than just finding jobs; it's about empowering individuals through education and on-site opportunities. Together, we're bridging gaps and transforming lives."

Jo, our dedicated recruiter and social value recruitment lead, shares her experience of making a difference: "I visit prisons, offering hope and a path forward. Through partnerships with local councils and prisons, we're breaking barriers and opening doors. So far, I've helped 75% of individuals secure jobs on site, proving that second chances are not just possible but powerful."

Many construction and social housing companies are investing thousands of pounds per month into their social value and responsible business programmes, but at Building Careers we can facilitate a lot of their objectives and hit the goals that they themselves are too busy or don't have the local knowledge to focus on.

Barbara added: "We are funded by local authorities to provide on site training to bridge the gaps and get people into work. It’s based around community and people. It’s obligatory for many construction firms to be involved in social value for them to win tenders.

“In collaboration with Jo (at Building Careers) we can pool the right people and transition them into education or on-site opportunities. There’s a willingness from them to now go to work.

“Construction companies when they go into tenders have realised (that the criteria) is policed more heavily. If they take ex-offenders or underprivileged workers they have to do it. We work with DWP to ensure it works. People want to show that ex-offenders can get into employment and they have done exactly that through Building Careers. People are with us for two or three weeks in our training centre and we keep Jo updated with the progress they've made and rubber stamp that they are ready to head to site and she, working with the site teams, does the rest."

Debbie King, Growth Director and a community and charity champion who has recently trekked across the Sahara to raise a combined total of £55K for Nugent, paid tribute to the partnership between both organisations.

She said: "With Nobody Left Behind we understand the purpose. Jo is dealing with the hard face of construction and has all the contacts and expertise to facilitate openings and opportunities. It's a true partnership of how we can help and go the extra mile to help people in our community."

Jo added: "Our work together has actually changed lives and is changing lives. I've worked with individuals who were homeless and down on their luck. Now, given an opportunity, these people have savings, a career and a long term job. There's so many stories with different individuals that I can call on through out work together."

Barbara says one touching moment happened a few weeks ago when some of Jo's candidates at a Graham Group site said the whole experience had 'changed lives'.

She said: "We had a visit into the Nobody Left Behind Training Centre where two young men came into to see us. They said this (experience) has 'changed my life'. They  actually came in proud - with the Grahams PPE with the logos on. This is two separate people who have said that it's life changing.

"These candidates were previously on Universal Credit and now, to be on full time wage in construction is transformative."

At Building Careers, social value isn't just a box to tick – it's at the heart of everything we do. Join us in making a difference, one opportunity at a time.  #BuildingCommunities #SocialValue #TransformingLives

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