March 18, 2024

Unveiling Our Values For Colleagues, Candidates, Clients And Communities

In a strategic move to redefine its corporate identity, Building Careers proudly announces the unveiling of new values which will shape how we operate.

"We're passionately committed to providing the very best opportunities for colleagues, candidates, clients, and communities." This succinct statement are more than just words – it reflects a big shift in the company's approach to its role in the construction and social housing recruitment landscape.

In an industry often saturated with buzzword phrases, Building Careers stands out by embracing change with a statement that echoes the essence of its mission. The decision to distil its values into this singular sentence is a deliberate move to convey a clear, impactful message.

"Our company ethos has always been rooted in positively impacting lives, Building Careers, Building Futures. This new statement embodies our dedication to excellence and underscores the transformative opportunities we aspire to create," said Mark Harris, Building Careers owner and CEO.

This commitment extends across all facets of our ecosystem. For colleagues, it promises an environment where growth and fulfilment in getting a candidate ‘that job’ is not just encouraged but seamlessly integrated into the daily work experience.

Candidates can anticipate more than just job placements; it's about unlocking doors to life-changing opportunities. Clients are assured of a partnership built on trust, innovation, and a shared commitment to success. The broader community will witness a ripple effect of positive change through Building Careers’ impactful social initiatives.

For our clients we’re going above and beyond, doing more than just hitting the traditional recruitment models; it's about reshaping futures, breaking down boundaries, and collectively crafting a legacy of positive impact.

For our people, we’re just doing what we do best – transform lives through the opportunities we create.

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